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15-Day Slim & Detox

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Assorted Tea

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The Purest Tea in the World!

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15 Day Slim&Detox Program

BREAK-THROUGH DIET, LeCharm 15-DAY SLIMMING & DETOX TEA comes in a crystalline format,loaded with phytonutrients that promote weight loss and body detoxifying. Naturally through a specific compilation of floral and herbal infusions, it effectively cracks the code for losing weight and detoxifying the body…


Brand Story

Maker Spirit

Born in Chaozhou City, the south part of China,which is famous for Fenghuang Dancong Tea, Stone was a physics teacher in college before he founded an IT Company called Stonesonic.

After retiring from Stonesonic, a news about the total turnover of Chinese Tea for exporting v.s.a tea company abroad shocked him.“There were so many good quality of Chinese Tea here and why can’t tea be made just like instant coffee, so people can have it anytime, anywhere?”Stone kept thinking about it.

Using his knowledge of physics, Stone invented the patented technology called “PLEESIT”, (the products are all produced in physical way, nothing chemical involved), which effectively keeps the tea’s origin aroma, taste and flavor, while active component in tea are perfectly kept and harmful substances are removed.

Just like a wine-maker, he selects good quality of tea from all parts of China, produces the tea of high bioactivity, 100% absorbility,and gets the most from Mother Nature.  

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OEM cooperation


production advantages

production advantages(cost,quality advantage) We own experience of 20 years, experience rich in fabric market, we can afford good quality and competitive price.

Team advantage

group(garment experience) we are a professional team experienced 10 years in the garment area, we expert in practical trading work, and supply efficient services

Flexible production

Soft production of small orders: the minimum order quantity for OEM is 100pcs per pattern. MOQ of our brands is 1 pc. We provide producing plan tailored for you.


contact us if you have your own design, we can make a producing plan for you.


Free samples within own production models provide free samples
Free solution proposal.
Design according to customer requirements.

Keep high quality during production process.
Strictly accords with safe and environmental standards.
Timely follow-up process orders
On-time delivery.
Make sure the real producing output strictly same with our sample.
High efficiency in response,and considerate customer reception.
Further contact to our professional service team.