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Pioneer of Trendy Tea Drink: Create“Nestle”in Tea Industry

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Pioneer of Trendy Tea Drink: Create“Nestle”in Tea Industry
Issue Time:2016-08-09
Thiswill be the industrial revolution of Chinese Tea Leaves

Today we’d like to introduce a new technique master. He research and develop tea leaves under the basis of its terminal form, producing zero pesticide residues, zero additives instant tea with high technology. The technological content spans territory andtime, directly presenting the stable taste and perfect essence. 


Key Word: Quick andFashion

Interviewer: Authenmole Chiarman Stone Zhou

Speed is the primary request for younger who prefers a rapid pace of life. That’s the main reason why coffee and snack becoming more and more popular. Can the traditional teadrink be quick and fashion? The answer is Yes. Besides quick, it also owns excellent taste and safety guarantee of zero pesticide residue with high-tech.

Authentea: Three-time Spansof the Technique Master.

Be the technique master with three-time spans. Each is a successful attempt. And this time is instant tea.

Instant tea, you are drinking more than your imagine. 
When mentioning the thought of instant tea, the founder Stone Zhou said: “Chinese is a global manufacturing tea country, but the total annual output of these seventy thousand tea company,only equal to Lipton’s unexpectedly. This is sad for Chinese tea industry. Authentea wants to change this embarrassing situation through technology innovation."

Molecular tea is made by constant low-temperature continuously extraction, multi-membrane separation andpurification, standard quantitative blend, vacuum low temperature re-compound crystaline etc. The simpler meaning is: we break up a saving pot and take away the inside money, changing it into a bigger one. The different is, the tea’s breaking is molecule level, even the cell wall of the tea leaves would be broken. The active ingredients such as tea polyphenols, amino acid etc would be released inthis way without brewing with boiled water. Stone Zhou said “molecular tea ismore absorbable by human body, it will be a tendency in the future.”

During describing his brands, Stone Zhou expressed: “We advocate happy lifestyle and freedom attitude. If you were that you exactly need a cup of mellow tea. ”

The data shows that there are all kinds of people with active attitude of molecular tea. The young white-collarofficer who pursues fashionable lifestyle occupies the largest proportion. Stone Zhou said:“They are confident and aggressive, positive to work and life, suffer from rapid living step and high pressure, focus on fashion and taste. Fashionwas not blindly following and imitating, oppositely, it was the perfect expression of personality and identity." 

What is selling point tomatch their appetites? Stone Zhou though the critical competitiveness of this molecular tea is technology, “whether hot or cold water, it’s instant in 3seconds with pesticide residues and additives free.”

Instant in 3 seconds is possible, but is it possible to have with no pesticide residue under the polluted environment? The answer is Yes. Because the tea leaves reach the degree of cellwall broken with PLEESIT molecular breakage technology. When the good and bad stuffs are all be broken up, only the good crystaline be taken away, that is zero pesticide residues. Who can say it is not a fashion method in the worrying of food safety.

Mr. Stone is a low-key person. Continuously thinking is his daily action. You won’t  believe he was engaged in college physical teaching in the 1980s. You will never guess his digital technical company was go public in USA in 2008. You also won’t imagine that he built Authentea enterprise in 2011 and got the title of "the annual top ten economic figures”in 2012. Mr. Stone commented himself as a technicist.  

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