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Green Tea Market Explored In New Reports

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Green Tea Market Explored In New Reports
Issue Time:2017-10-19

Green Tea Market Explored In New Reports

With origins dating back to the Ancient China during thereign of Emperor Shennong, green tea is one of the world's oldest forms ofTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The following two reports take a closerlook at the green tea market and where it's headed.

Green tea is made by steeping tealeaves in hot water, usually at roughly two grams of tea per 100 ml water.Steeping temperatures vary from 142 degrees Fahrenheit to 190 degreesFahrenheit. Normally, low-quality teas are steeped at hotter temperatures andfor longer periods of time, whereas high-quality teas are steeped at coolertemperatures and for less time.

In addition to its delicious flavor,green tea is prized for its health benefits.

It contains a high concentration of antioxidants, making it a powerful component in fighting harmful free radicals.Studies have even linked the consumption of green tea to lower rates of chronic disease.

Some people assume that green tea is made of an entirely different plant variety than black tea, but this isn'tnecessarily true. Both teas come from the Camillia sinesis plant. The onlydifference is that black tea goes through a withering and oxidation process,whereas green tea does not. This makes green tea particularly beneficial whencompared to its counterpart, as oxidation destroys much of the antioxidants and nutrients in black tea.

The Global Green Tea Sales Market 2017report by The Market Reports is a comprehensive study of the global green teasales market. Featuring 123 pages, it explores both current and futureprospective scenarios. Among other things, this report reveals the green teamarket's trends, import and export consumption, costs, revenue, figures, growthdrivers, challenges and more. It even includes a marketing strategy analysisfor traders and distributors of green tea products.

This reports segments the global greentea sales market by several criteria. On the basis of product type, the marketis segmented into tea bags, instant mixes, iced green tea and others. On the basis of end-user application, the market is segmented into supermarkets, teashops, online stores, drink and food processing and others.

The Global Green Tea Market Research2017 report by The Market Reports is a second professional analysis of the global green tea market. Within this report, you'll find key data on the green tea market, including its projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) as wellas statistics and figures pertaining to the market. In essence, this is acomplete and professionally detained study of the global green tea market.

Some of the key green tea vendors profiled in this report include Ahmad Tea Ltd, Uk, Arizona Beverage Company,Usa, Associated British Foods Llc, Uk, Beijing Wuyutai Tea Co Ltd, China,Beijing Zhangyiyuan Beverage Co Ltd, China, Beta Gida San, Turkey, Cape Natural Tea Products and others.

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